Minutes Dec 2014

                                                         COMMUNITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – 12/15/2014

1. Welcome/Attendance – Arthur Lebaron, Jody Rich, Chris Homer, Elaine Hicken, Daniel McKeehan,
     Nancy Hallawell, Kevan Adams, Tral Johnson, Rich Hill.

2. Chris/Arthur – What do our teachers want?
           a. Our teachers want more Chrome Book portable labs.
           b. What is the cost?
           c. Cost discussed – about $240-$270 per Chrome Book.
           d. The carts are very expensive.

3. Jody/Chris – Review of next year’s schedule and the explanation of RTI.
           a. Nancy, Elaine, and Kevan bring up the benefits of bringing in guest speakers form the
               community to give seminars to students about the jobs they do to give students insight
               into future careers. (30 minute conversation).

4. Jody/Chris – Review of HHS school “Grade”
            a. All members express concern. Ask important questions about bringing grade up.

5. Next meeting – January 12th 2015.