Minutes April 2015

Community Council Meeting Minutes – 4/27/2015

• Welcome – Arthur Lebaron
       o Attendance – Jody Rich, Daniel Makeehan, Kevan Adams, CaroLee Arscot, Tral Johnson, Nancy Hallawell, Elaine Hicken, Chris Homer

• Aurthur Lebaron
       o Items of business

• Jody Rich
       o Items of Business
              •  List of career exploration partners
              •  Presentation of new teaching tool – Nearpod
              •  Do fee waivers work in Credit Recovery? Need to look in to it.
              •  Update on SAGE Testing.

• Updated 2014-2015 STL Purchases.
       o Discussion concerning funding LIA/ESL Course to improve graduation rates of Latino students and and ESL students.
       o Leslie Taylor – Have here in to talk about Credit Recovery Program.
       o What should we name the Course?
               Minorities in Action?
               Culture in Acton?
               Empowering minorities?
• Talk about next year’s STL $ allocation.
• Motion to fund the Credit Recovery Course – Passed.
• Motion to fund all 8 Goals discussed – Passed.
• Look for email to sign off on 14-15 SCC & STL School Plan
• Next Meeting?
       o We will call you if we need you.
• Sincere Thanks for Work of SCC.