State Trust Lands School Plan 2014-2015

2014-2015 HHS Summary of State Trust Lands School Plan

Goal 1: Fund 3 Math Sections to reduce math class size.

Goal 2: Fund 1 ESL Section to help ESL students increase SGE Scores and Increase ESL student graduation rates.

Goal 3: Fund a Credit Recovery Program to help increase our graduation rates.

Goal 4: Fund a stipend for our testing coordinator.

Goal 5: Provide funding to pay for a theater assistant.

Goal 6: To provide funds to teachers that professional development.

Goal 7:  Provide funding for additional field trips.

Goal 8:  Fund technology needs to help teachers provide better and more up-to-date instruction.

Last year’s Sage test scores, and our graduation rate increased – SAGE test scores increased dramatically.  As a school administration team and a community council we felt like the expenditures we made, made a big difference in both of these important areas.