Minutes Nov 2015


 Minutes - Community Council Meeting – 11/23/2015

2:00 PM                Welcome – Chairman Arthur Lebaron

Attendees – Arthur Lebaron, Jody Rich, Chris Homer, Dan Mckeehan, Tral Johnson, Elaine Hicken, CaroLee Arscot, Nancy Hallawell, Valarie Scott, Patrick Horgan, and Sean Carey.

Arthur welcomes all to meeting

2:00 PM                Arthur Lebaron

$1§  Items of business

$1§  New Member Introduction -  Patrick Horgan

$1§  Did any members attend training meeting last month?

None of our members attended the training at the WCSD building.

$1·         Report on Training meeting.

2:10 PM                Jody Rich

$1§  Items of Business

$1§  School Grade From a C to a B

SAGE Scores propelled our School grade assigned by the Utah State Legislature.

$1§  Digital Citizenship Discussion

More training coming lead by the WCSD Tech Department – Basic message is there are basic firewalls and filters that work but the web is more complex than ever and the future looks to bring more of the past – watch what your students are on. Proximity helps curb poor behavior.

2:30 PM                Ken Cahoon

$1§  Improving Math Scores at HHS

Mr. Cahoon shared his thoughts and feelings on why he though our math department improved their SAGE scores so much.  He mentioned several things including that the Chromebook labs that were purchased through STL money helped tremendously.  The ALECKS program is a great program that helps students learn math based on their individual needs.

2:40 PM                Chris Homer

$1§  Please see SchoolLandTrust.org for any and all information concerning STL & CC.

$1§  Final Report 2014-2015 Goals Review

15-16 STL Goals and distribution of $ reviewed goal by goal.

$1§  Looking ahead to next year – Where do we want to spend our STL $?

CC members encouraged to look at ways others schools spend their STL $ to get new ideas on how to use our STL $.

$1§  Video – Earning for Education

Ran out of time – Will show video next time.

3:00 PM                Next Meeting – 1/25/2016