Agenda March 2016


Community Council Meeting Agenda – 3/21/2016

2:00 PM                Welcome – Chairman Arthur LeBaron

2:00 PM                Arthur LeBaron

§  Items of business

2:10 PM                Jody Rich

§  Items of Business

§  Collective Commitments

2:30 PM                Franci Homer

§  Math Lab Success

2:40 PM                Jody Rich

·         2016-2017 Expenditures

·         We will have about $60,000 to Allocate.

·         We are asking for about $40,000 for Teacher Salaries for 16-17 School year

o   1 class of Physics – Davis Vick

o   4 Classes of Math – Nancy Hinton

o   1 Class of ROTC  

·         Leaves us about $20,000

o   We have about all the chrome book labs our wireless system can handle.  In my opinion we don’t need to fund this ($10-$15 Grand) for next year.

o   Do we keep other expenditures about the same?

3:00 PM                Next Meeting Scheduled for – 4/25/2016

15-16 School Plan - Goal Summaries

1.       Goal 1: Fund 3 additional math sections to lower class size. This goal will be met throughout the entire 2015-2016 school year.

2.       Goal 2: Fund 1 section of an ESL course. This course will start the first day of the 2015-2016 school year and finish on the last day. We will also provide a paraprofessional aide to help with the program.

3.       Goal 3: Fund a Credit Recovery Program to help students that get behind meet graduation requirements.

4.       Fund a stipend for our testing coordinator.

5.       Provide funding for a theater assistant that will help Mr. Hill manage the large number of students that are part of his program.

6.       Increase funding for teacher professional development.

7.       Fund field trips.

8.      Fund technology needs to help teachers provide better instruction.